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Standard pris 26,00 kr

Avgifter inkludert.

Crewel thread : non divisible thread approx thickness = 2 strands Mouliné
100% organic thread – certified non Mulesed wool
Woolmark certification (passed 4 tests: light / washing / rubbing/ sweat)
Naturally dyed / no artificial chemicals are used in the dyeing process
A range of 60 colours
16 mt thread/ 15cm of thread per skein
6 skeins per box


Care instructions

Organic wool

Organic wool is a responsible alternative to conventional wool. It adheres to high standards that guarantee farming conditions, respect animals, the planet and people.

The characteristics of organic wool are as follows:

No use of hormonal treatments, which are harmful to both animals and humans.
Use of organic rearing areas and responsible pasture management (e.g. no use of pesticides)
Cleaning wool according to strict principles (e.g. without chemicals).
Banning the practice of mulesing

What is Mulesing?

Mulesing is a technique designed to prevent myiasis (a disease that Merino sheep catch that is characterized by the subcutaneous presence of fly larvae). It consists of scarring the skin around the sheep's tail, a barbaric and traumatic practice for the animal. Breeders practice mulesing to increase productivity. This practice is totally contrary to the animal's well-being.

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